The History of Reel King

Long before we ever clapped eyes on Reel King, we’ve been gambling fans ever since we were big enough to pick up Monopoly Money and hold on to playing cards. As we grew to the necessary age to be old enough to gamble, one of the first ever real money punting experiences we ever had, like many youngsters, was on the fruit machine, a kind of UK slot.

One of the first games we ever came across was Reel King, which started off life as a fruit machine in the British clubs and pubs. We instantly fell in love with this game as it offered something that was distinctly different from all the trail game and higher-lower machines that seem to dominate this industry. All too often in these types of game you’ve got a situation where you know you have to cash out at a low level, because all the money will be taken off you if you continue.

This is what attracted us to the Reel King slot. It was the first slot machine we ever played where you couldn’t fail to cash in on the bonus. The first time we ever heard the incremental notes as the bonus feature dropped in, we were amazed to see the Reel King mini-slot machines appear on the reels. Back in those days there were no instructions on a game, so you just played the first few times to see what happened.

We must have won about £35 on that outing from the bonus game. We were immediately hooked on Reel King’s multiple charms. From then on in we passed by all the other fruit machines and honed straight in on this game. We’d always go to our local pool club for a drink on a Friday night so we could play a few frames and in the downtime stick all our spare change into this awesome slot machine.

Since then we’ve seen loads of different Reel King versions all around the country. There’s one down at our local arcade that’s not half bad. It gives you five pay-lines for just 10p and you seem to hit the bonus game all the time. The original game was created by Astra, a gaming company who were later absorbed by Novomatic. This canny company had the idea of taking the Reel King game and putting it out as an online slot. Needless to say it was a massive instant success, gaining tons more fans with its easy to play format and big paying bonus game.

Reel King has ruled over the slot machine court for many years now, so its no surprise that Novomatic have decided to now cash in on this success with a new game in the series. Rainbow King is the new title and it takes all the elements that made the original such a success and adds a bunch of quality features to the bonus format.

Now, we’re not privileged enough to have actually been in the development meetings for Rainbow King, but we suspect that there’s more of a fair degree of influence from another massively popular UK slot machine, Rainbow Riches. It utilises a number of similar game mechanisms and the clue could well be in the title. We might have it wrong on this one, but no matter where Rainbow King draws its influence from, we’re big fans of it’s multiple bonus game charms.

Whether you decide to play the cabinet version of Reel King or take in one it’s regal charms at one of the many online casinos featured on this site, in our opinion you won’t find a better casino game to play. It’s got a reputation amongst serious slot fans that simply won’t go away and the reason for this is it’s a great payer. If you haven’t tried it, then what are you waiting for?