Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck II is one of the flagship titles that Microgaming created back in 2010. Since then it has become one of the most popular slots from this top development house, winning fans and favour all over the web. Part of the reason for its success is the system of unlockable content and free spin rounds on employed by this top title, together with a big money main game.

The Sounds and Sights of the Warrior

Thunderstruck II is an epic presentation. The reel are hewn from pure granite with hard edged designs that fit perfectly with the overall feel of the game. You can also find a number of the classic Norse pantheon of Asgard making up the symbols, giving the whole production a god-like edge. Musically you’ve got a swirling and evocative soundtrack that conjures up images of the stark and bold life of a Viking warrior, set to sea on his long-ship to raid and pillage England for riches untold.

Battle with the Basic Game

The Thunderstruck II game offers you a huge slew of winning chances. This is in no small part thanks to the 243 ways to win system that pays you out prizes for any combination of consecutive symbols on the reels, reading from left to right. The action is considerably intensified with the additional of the signature Thunderstruck II wild multiplier, which not only helps you by substituting wherever possible, but also double the prize paying value of any combination it completes.

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I Feel a Storm Taking Over

During any spin on Thunderstruck II there is the possibility that a random reel feature can trigger in the form of the Wildstorm bonus. Watch as the game grid crackles with electricity and one to five of your reels turn completely wild. At the end of your spin the wins are evaluated – with this special feature leading to some of the biggest wins on offer from this superb title.

Unlock the Money

There’s a special mechanism at work in the Thunderstruck II pay-table too – when you hit each specific combination on offer for each symbol this is recorded in the game’s pay-table. This system is called the pay-table achievements.  The win you’ve received will turn gold – the more of these golden wins that you record, the bigger the prizes on offer from the game. The best thing about this clever little feature is that your progress is saved when you exit the game, allowing you to access all your pay-table achievements the very next time you decide to load up this slot for a playing session.

God-Like Free Spins

If you’re a fan of free spin slot games then Thunderstruck II is the slot game for you. There are four different free spin games waiting for action hungry players here – and like the pay-table achievements on offer from this title, these are unlocked by spinning this title’s reels. You start off with the Valkyrie bonus, which gives you ten spins at a whopping five times bonus – and then for every five feature activations, you unlock a new bonus. With Rolling Reels, wild multipliers, big money spins and expanding wilds waiting for you, there’s something on offer for every playing style. Your progress through the bonus rounds is also saved every time you exit the slot, allowing you to accumulate the feature entries over a number of sessions.

The Final Crush

Even though Reel King and Thunderstruck II are both online slot machines, they couldn’t be more different. Our favourite fruit based slot gives you a ton of winning chances in the main game and just one type of bonus round. Thunderstruck II on the other hand is full of bells, whistles, free spin games and crazy mechanisms. However, it’s more than just a novelty slot, with the pay-out power to keep you coming back time and time again to its reels.