Reel King Review

Reel King is the classic slot machine from top development house Novomatic. It’s done the rounds for many years in the beach-front arcades, pool clubs and bingo halls of the UK where it’s attracted quite a following.

There are a number of different versions of this slot machine available on land based circuit, ranging from the low cost five pay-line versions up to the fully automated big money casino video cabinets. It’s the big money Reel King that you’ll find online.

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Basic Format

Reel King is a colourful, well made twenty pay-line that’s built in the format of the classic five reel Las Vegas styled casino slot. You’ve got all the options you would expect to find on a good online slot machine, including the ability to adjust your stake and the amount of pay-lines you want to play on each spin.

The machine uses the classic slot motifs too, with fruit and poker symbols appearing on the reels, taking you back to the good old days of one armed bandits and mechanical spinners.

This gives Reel King a really authentic casino feel that will instantly endear it to old school slot heads, whilst the fast paced animations and the speed of the game will keep the action hounds well fed.

The sound on Reel King is very important, as we’ll come to later, and the standard reel sound effects are spot on. They’re used just sparingly enough to create the right kind of atmosphere and the regal music that plays when you hit the bonus round is surprisingly atmospheric and apt.

Special Symbols

There are two basic special symbols in the Reel King game. It doesn’t contain any scatter symbols, which may sound a bit strange to players expecting this kind of bonus round activation, but don’t worry, Reel King has another trick up its sleeve in this department that we’ll come to later.

The first type of special is the classic wild symbol. Anyone who’s played a slot machine will know how this operates, but if you’re new to reel games then a wild can basically substitute for any other symbol in order to help you complete a combination.

The best thing about the Reel King wild is it can substitute for multiple symbols on a single spin. This can really bag you some big money.

Bonus Features

Reel King is famous for its bonus feature. Listen carefully as the reels drop into place on every spin. Occasionally you’ll hear some ascending notes as the reels stop in. If you hear five notes in a row then you’ll know you’ve activated the trademark Reel King bonus.

Here, between one and five of the reels will turn into special mini Reel King slot machines. They’ll automatically spin, paying you out a win for different combinations of the special lucky seven symbol on their reels.

They keep paying too, right up to the point where each machine hits one or more of the black dot symbols on their reels, then they disappear. If you hit all five of these mini slots, then you could be in for an absolutely massive pay-out.

In Summation

There’s a reason why Reel King was such a massive hit in the land based casinos and clubs and it comes down to the fact that it’s a really good slot machine. The ascending note activated bonus feature really keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you hear four notes in a row, then nothing, it’s such a heart-stopper. That’s not to say that the bonus activation is low, as it’s quite the opposite – in a good session you can expect to hit this features several times.

Ultimately, no matter how good the graphics and the bonus game are on a slot, the proof of the pudding is in the pay-outs. This is one area where Reel King has always impressed us, and we think it’s one of the best money machines you’ll find anywhere on the web.

Once you’ve tried its charms, you’ll probably be hard pushed to play any other gambling game.