Rainbow Riches Slot

The Inspiration Behind Rainbow King?

Rainbow King is a truly awesome slot machine. It has everything that a player could possibly want, both in terms of reel action, which absolutely spits prizes out, and bonus games. Now we believe that the inspiration behind this machine hasn’t entirely come from the pages of the Novomatic design book.

We actually believe that Novomatic have copied the winning formula of another incredibly popular slot, IGT’s Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold, which has been the UK’s favourite slot game for a couple of years now. This machine, which first started life as a video cabinet in the country’s clubs and pubs is now without question the game on which UK player’s take the most spins on a daily basis.

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Luck O The Irish

Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold has a wonderful theme. It’s based around the old myth that says if you can catch a leprechaun, then you can force him to take you to his pot of gold, which will be hidden at the end of a rainbow. In Rainbow Riches, the leprechaun is known as Seamus and he features in two of the bonus games available from the machine.

Graphically, there’s just something about Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold that truly stands out. Whether it’s the cartoon like images on the reels, or the smooth, silky animations, both in the artwork and in the reel action, it’s difficult to put your finger on it. One thing’s for sure about this game however, which is that it just somehow feels right.

Some reviewers out there are a little harsh on the sound effects featured in Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold. In our opinion the cheeky audio here is spot on and completely puts the charm cherry on the cake with little speech soundbites and chuckling leprechauns. This is clearly a very well thought out production that works well on every level.

Somewhere, Over The Rainbow…

Rainbow Riches – Pots of Gold gives players a 20 pay-line structure that’s spread over five reels. Here you’ve also got stacked jackpot symbols and a golden coin wild symbol that can help you grab the big money from the base game. This is structure is complimented by three different bonus game activating scatters.

The first scatter is the Wishing Well symbol. Stop in three or more of these symbols to activate a pick me style feature. Here you use the mouse to select one symbol, revealing a multiplier that’s immediately applied to your total stake amount. The more scatters, the bigger the prize.

Next up, it’s the Road to Riches feature. Hit three or more of the special Seamus the leprechaun scatters to get yourself into this cool and rather tasty second screen game. Here you spin a wheel of fortune to determine the amount of steps you move down a trail. The further you get on the trail, the bigger the multipliers. You’re paid out when you either hit collect on the wheel, or get to the end of the trail – whichever come first.

Finally, and we’ve obviously saved the very best till last, there’s the Pots of Luck feature. This is the hardest bonus to activate, as it requires you hit three pots of gold scatters, which are only available on the middle reels of the game. Hit them all, and you’ll be taken to another second screen feature, which sees Seamus the leprechaun, doing a fancy Irish jig over a whole bunch of different pots, each labelled with a multiplier. When the music stops, whichever pot he’s standing over is your prize.

King For A Day?

Even though Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold is a very good slot machine, we still prefer the action on offer from Rainbow King. The reel action has a little bit more bite in it, and the bonus games award bigger prizes. When you’re looking for a good slot game, with excellent pay-outs, you don’t really care which machine came first, or which one’s the inspiration and which one’s the copy and for that reason we say Rainbow Riches for show and Rainbow King for dough.