Rainbow King Review

Rainbow King is the second machine in the Reel King series. It takes elements of another extremely popular slot machine, Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold and entwines them with the classic Reel King format. Some would argue that this makes Rainbow King the perfect cross-over game for fruit machine fans who’re looking to get to grips with Las Vegas styled casino slots.

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Basic Format

Rainbow King is a good looking slot game. It’s got a compact, cabinet feel to it’s graphics and classic reel symbols alongside its numerous special symbols. The background is suggestive of an idyllic fairytale land complete with a rainbow across the top of the skyline and a fairy-tale castle in the distance.

Sound-wise we’ve got to say that Rainbow King has just the right balance of pay-out sounds and reel animations noises. The effects certainly don’t drown the machine and the all the bonus games have signature music that gives the game the right level of pomp and ceremony for these big money occasions.

Looking at Rainbow King’s structure, what you’ve got is a twenty pay-line casino slot format, which should be familiar to all regular slot machine players. There’s a wild symbol that helps you complete your winning combinations, and three different types of bonus game scatters as discussed below. It’s also definitely worth mentioning the stacked jackpot golden money bag symbols that appear in clusters on the reels, giving you the chance to hit some massive prizes in the standard reel game.

Cash Castle Feature

This is the classic slot machine Pick Me style bonus. Stop three or more of the special Cash Castle scatters anywhere on the reels to play this quick, cash rich feature. Here you simply pick one of the symbols and uncover the cash amount that’s hiding underneath. The more activating scatters you hit, the big prize payout you can expect.

Rainbow King Feature

Stop in three of the Rainbow King symbols (he’s the fat egg like bloke with a crown on his head) to activate this superb trail game. Here you’ll get to roll a dice and progress round the spaces on rectangular board. There are three different types of spaces, the first is the cash space, which simply adds credits to your bankroll. The second is the Reel King space, which gives you access to the special Reel King slot machine when you land on the third type of space, the Take the Money square.

When you land on this, the epic mini-slot machine from the original Reel King will appear and you’ll get to keep on cranking his handle until you hit a losing combination. You’ll get as many goes on this mini slot machine as times you landed on one of the three Reel King spaces. When you put this together with the money you make on the standard cash games this feature can turn out to be one good payer.

King Cash Feature

The King Cash feature is by far the hardest bonus to hit in the Reel King game. You have to stop in three of the special scatters on the middle reels to hit this bonus. Here you’re taken to a second screen where you get to pick a single crown from a 4×3 array. This will uncover a multiplier which could range between 50x and 500x your original activating stake, making this the game’s big paying bonus round that you’ll really want to hit.

In Summation

We’re big fans of the Rainbow King slot machine, it constantly pays out the wins on the reels, is incredibly exciting to play and gives you a chance to really hit the big time wins in the bonus game. We can’t recommend this slot machine enough… It’s perfect for beginners who want to get to grips with a good game and seasoned casino veterans will simply go mad for the myriad delights of its reels.