4 Reel King$

So you’ve played Reel King to death and you’ve become an expert at all the bonus games on Rainbow King, what new worlds are there left for you to conquer?

Fortunately you don’t have to go all Alexander the Great on this one as Novomatic have decided to release a new slot machine that takes all the fun of the original Reel King machine and multiplying it by four, giving you access to a whole new level of feature fun that can really pay you out a royal ransom in rewards.

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Looks and Sounds Fit for a King?

The graphics and sonics in Four Kings are taken straight from the original Reel King game complete with all the popping payout noises and the wonderful chime system that helps you with you get into the feature round.

The machine has that awesome old school fruit machine flavour that’s made it a real winner with casino audiences for the last five years, with traditional reel symbols and a the classic blue and purple background that have become signature marks of this top performing title. The only difference is that the reels and base-game grids are a little smaller as you’ve got four of them on the screen.

Base Game Bounty

Four Kings looks like four small Reel King machines all arranged in square formation. Spin one machine and the next spin you’ll get to spin the next one in the cycle, which returns to the beginning position every fourth spin.

Each machine offers you access to the same incredible Reel King base game, with its high paying combination prizes, lovely stacked jackpot symbols, which give you the power to pull out some simply incredible top prizes.

Feature Madness

You can still activate the normal Reel King bonus round by hitting the five ascending notes as each reel stops in place on any one of the mini slots that make up Four Kings. This bring a single bonus slot onto the reels, which then spins out lucky sevens that have the power to pay you the big cash from this machine.

It’s a great bonus as you already know. However if you can light up all the letters of the Four Kings (4-K-I-N-G) logo at the top of the screen then you’ll enter the super bonus feature where you’ll pull out a whole bunch of different Reel King slots that will all spin out their lucky sevens, pouring out a real waterfall of cash.

Go for a Gamble

Although the version of Four Kings that we reviewed at Sky Vegas doesn’t offer you the chance to gamble your winnings, we have seen a number of versions of this machine in cabinet form that do allow you to risk any small win on the classic slot machine trial of double or nothing, by trying to guess the colour of the next ace off a pack of cards.

If you play Four Kings in your local club or casino in a Novomatic cabinet then you may be able to take advantage of this feature.

Worth a Spin?

Is Four Kings a contender for some of your precious playing time? You bet your bottom dollar it is… However you’ve got to be ready with the cash for this machine as it does tend to eat through your roll quite quickly, however it can swing wildly between taking your cash and then suddenly paying you out that huge bonus bonanza.

A slot machine where you’ll definitely want to take the money and run, if you’re prepared to take the risk on the reels of this truly magnificent slot machine monarch.