Reel King Cheats

People are always trying to get something for nothing, it’s only human nature. We love the buy one get one free offers at supermarkets and most of us will jump at the chance for a free lunch (even if there is no such thing). However, this kind of mentality goes a little bit wrong when people start asking how to cheat the famous Reel King slots.

Ever since the days of the mechanical one arm bandits people have tried to cheat slot machines. Since the arrival of electronic gaming devices, such as fruit machines however, there’s been rumours abound surrounding the existence of button press cheats and programming back-doors.

Whether or not these apocryphal tales are true, we’re certain that online casinos don’t have any such cheats in their slot machines, let alone special Reel King cheats. Take a look at Sky Vegas for instance, which gives away around £25 million per month in slot machine wins and table game prizes. Can you imagine what it would be like if even just one of their games could scammed?

These days security is paramount to every internet company that uses any form of electronic transaction, not just online casinos. This is big business that’s protected on so many levels, it’s naïve for players to think that they might be able to cheat Reel King or Rainbow King. For this to happen there would have to be specific code written into the games, which the operators would not know about. In today’s climate of constant audits and quality checks, this simply would never happen.

One way you can get something for nothing is by signing up with Bet Victor (The people who own the Spin Room).

They’re offering players a completely free £10 just for opening an account, which is an excellent way to get your hands on some cash to play the Reel King slots.